Because the darn thing just isn't cool enough.

Ok, iPhone is actually pretty cool on its own. But if you want to jazz it up a little with some simple but useful apps, I can help with that. OneTrip and Quip are iPhone-ready widget-like apps built with iPhone's form factor, user interface conventions, and touch input in mind; I also kept them small so they load quickly when you're on the go. And it doesn't hurt that they're designed to match Apple's elegant interface either. Needless to mention, they're completely free.

On the right is a demo of how this page would appear if you visited it on your iPhone. Since you're viewing it on a different device right now, the experience will be somewhat altered. If you'd like to try out one of the apps directly in your browser right now, without this framed mock-up, knock yourself out:

Launch Web app home page in this browser

Remember, to use these apps, just visit on your iPhone!