check! before you launch

You made a thing. Good job! It’s not easy, is it? Being a responsible author, you’ve, like, tested your link to make sure it works before you send it out to the whole wide world. So you’re all set to launch, right? Hold up, partner. There’s more to it than pointing people to your thing and saying “look, a thing.” I’ve got one word for you: “Public Relations”. Let’s make sure that on Day One, you get the word out successfully and you look presentable. No more scrambling to fill in the holes on your website, twitter, or whathaveyou mere moments after you’ve pulled the trigger.

Here’s a checklist of small-ish tasks you’ll want to cross off before you formally announce your new thing (app, website, physical product, an art of some sort). Go through this during your final testing, or while you wait for whatever overseer must approve your humble offering. Not all of these points will apply to you; I mean, I don’t even know if you’re on twitter or not. But it’s a start.