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Grayout is a text game set in a medical dystopia. It’s a prequel to the censorship game Blackbar. In Grayout, you play Alaine, a rebelious resident of the totalitarian community called The Neighborhood, who wakes up in a hospital research lab following an accident… or so she is told. The game is a series of conversations with hospital staff, made challenging by Alaine’s post-traumatic aphasia—a disorder that affects one’s ability to process language.

Grayout simulates the experience of having a word on the tip of your tongue, the frustration of knowing what you mean but not how to say it, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the runaway thoughts inside your head and struggling to reign them in.

Grayout was written & designed by Neven Mrgan (@mrgan), engineered by James Moore (@foozmeat) in Portland, OR. The original soundtrack was recorded by Peter Bosack.

Grayout was released in December of 2015. It's available for iOS from the App Store. For interviews & promo codes, email [email protected].



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“One of the most essential iOS games of the year. Proves just how interesting and vital gaming as a medium can be. 9/10” —Pocket Gamer

“Grayout is exceptional as a game, as a compelling narrative, as an experiment in communication. It is simple, poignant, and horrifying.” —Gamezebo

“Grayout is so unlike pretty much anything that came before it.” —Touch Arcade

“Marvelous.” 25 best iPhone and iPad apps of 2015. —The Guardian

“Terrific, absorbing prequel.” —Chris Schilling



Finding the Right Words: An Interview with Neven Mrgan About Grayout, the Prequel to Blackbar


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