“We can't be out of eggs -
I just went to the store.&rdquo

What's the one thing you're sure to have on you when you go to the store - other than your wallet, that is? Your phone. Here's a simple way to use your iPhone for a little more than passing time by talking to friends while strolling down the aisle. Just browse on over to OneTrip.org and check off items as you add them to your cart. Add new ones from a list of common items with just a tap, or type in that one herb we forgot to put on the list - OneTrip will remember it for next time you shop for the same thing.

OneTrip's iPod-like interface is made for speed and convenience. It keeps a running count of items left to buy, and it shows them color-coded by store section. The whole page only needs to load once - after that, it doesn't matter if you lose your Internet connection in the mall. As long as the page stays open you can add and remove items all you want. They'll be stored in a cookie, ready for use next time you visit OneTrip.

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Remember, to use OneTrip, just visit onetrip.org on your iPhone!